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[INFO] The 3rd Mini Album ‘IN THE WIND’ Track List + Album Info

Track List :

1. In The Wind
– Composer: Jinyoung, 좋은놈

2. 걸어 본다
– Composer: Jinyoung
– Lyricist: Jinyoung, Baro

3. IF… 너만있으면
– If… I Had you
– Composer: 우리형과내동생, Ichiro Suezawa
– Lyricist: 우리형과내동생, Baro

4. 나쁜 짓 안 할게요 (NARR. Suzy of Miss A)
– Composer: 우리형과내동생
– Lyricist: 우리형과내동생

5. 뭐 핼래요
– Composer: Jinyoung
– Lyricist: Jinyoung, Baro

6. Be My Girl (FEAT. Jea of Brown Eyed Girls)
– Composer: Jea, Lee Kyuhyun
– Lyricist: Jea, Lee Kyuhyun

7. In The Air

8. 걸어 본다 (INST.)
– Composer: Jinyoung

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[TRANS] Baro – IGNITION ‘Thanks To’

Source : B1A4’s album
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

WOW. The 1st official full-length album that we have been waiting and waiting for has finally come out. Because this is an album where I personally felt and learned a lot of things while preparing for it, I’m anticipating this album more. First off, Lee Wonmin CEO and our WM family who always goes through trouble for us. Thank you so, so much. Although I never can express myself, whenever I see you working in your office till the middle of the night, I’m always supporting you inside my heart. Hwaiting. We luv ya!

‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng’, ‘Double Sided Kick’ hyungs, you’ll continue to look at us kindly, right? I love you. Composers and lyricists, Lee Sangho, Park Kangho, Choi Yongchan, ‘Good Person’, and Choi Gabwon, thank you so much for the amazing song. We will shine with the amazing song on stage. And our stylist, Jungyoung head, charismatic Jolie head, Ra Kyungjin head of make-up, and many staff members. Thank you for allowing the bad looking B1A4 to shine. The choreography team, The Rock. Thank you for the cool choreography.

P.S: Miss A’s Min senior, who featured in ‘Just The Two of Us’. Thank you so much.

Also, my lovable family who always support me by my side. Thank you so, so much and because I can do well on my own, you don’t have to worry too much. Your son is now 21 years old. Hahaha. Also, my friends who enlisted into the army. Listen to our music there and fighting. I miss you.

Finally, I would like to give my thanks to BANAs whom I love and to whoever is listening to this album.

Thank you so much to everyone who cheered us on. We shall show a side of us where we work hard, enjoy it more, and put more of an effort into it. Because it’s something I always say and it’s always the same thing, you might be tired of hearing it, but I am being sincere. We exist because of you guys. Thank you BANA. Thank you. Yallu.

Also, our B1A4’s Jinyoungie hyung, CNU hyung, Sandeul-ah, Chan-ah, you know even if I don’t say something long, right? Just like now, let’s depend on each other and help each other other and always stay together.

[TRANS] Gongchan – IGNITION ‘Thanks To’

Source : B1A4’s album
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

Whenever I write up my ‘Thanks To’, I always get nervous. Maybe it’s because this is our first official full-length album, but I feel even more nervous.

Lee Wonmin CEO, who always tell me good advice and allowed me to stand on stage with the name of Gongchan. I’m always thankful.

Kim Jinmi chairmain, who always gives me an answer whenever I’m worried about something and is like a mother, Park Dongju head, who has a lot of similar points with me so we always create an infinite amount of agreements, Kim Eunkyung team leader who corrects all my detailed habits and matches the best with me, and Inro hyung who always flips around his day and night for us. Although I’m not able to visit you often, Jungeun noona who has a young girl’s mind and takes care of us a lot, Rilakkuma Seulie noona who always cares about us, thank you all so much. I will show you an amazing side.

‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng’ composers, who always give us amazing songs and courage by telling us good phrases, let’s do the wasabi bomb once more.

Lee Sangho composer who always gives us strength with his bright mood in the recording studio, Park Kangil compose who may seem chic but has a twist to him, and ‘Good Person’ composer who is similar to me, thank you all. ZANYBROS’ Hong Wonki director who filmed an amazing video and all the other staff members, you all went through much trouble even though it was cold. Thank you to Joo Yonggoon head for the amazing pictures.

The cool stylist, Jungyoung head, who always looks over me kindly, our hair stylist, Jolie head, who puts life into my broomstick-like hair, Ra Kyungjin head, who allows us to shine with cool make-up, Kkotnim noona, who goes through a lot of trouble because you always move around with us, Jo Daeyoung head who made us an amazing teaser, The Rock, who created cool choreography, and all the dancers who participated in the music video making, thank you all. I miss you, Kim Goohyun teacher.

Finally, my dad, mom, and younger brother, Myungwoo, who are the largest strengths to me. Don’t worry because your son is doing well. Myungwoo-yah, you need to listen to your parents well. My grandfather and grandmother who are proud every time their grandson comes out on the television and my relatives, thank you all for always cheering me on. My teachers and friends from the Seoul School of Performing Arts. Thank you for always cheering me on. And my friends in Soonchun, I miss you.

Lastly, my B1A4 hyungs. Jinyoungie hyung, CNU hyung, Baro hyung, and Sandeulie hyung, I always love you and I’m always thankful. However, you know that the road we have to go towards is rough, right? Be strong, hyungs. We can overcome anything. Fighting.

Our kind BANA. It has already been almost a year since we met. You didn’t happen to forget us, right? B1A4=BANA. We are one. We can be strong because there are BANAs.

I will become a Gongchannie who won’t lose focus on my original goal. Let’s Fly B1A4~!


Source : B1A4’s album
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

Thank you to Lee Wonmin CEO who became reliable support and gave me courage so that I wouldn’t lose my confidence. I will always work hard.

Thank you to Kim Jinmi chairman, who didn’t hesitate to say bitter words for us and held us down so that we could go towards the right road. Park Dongju head, who doesn’t show it even though he goes through trouble during both the night and day for us and rather, blows energy into us, Kim Eunkyung tea leader, who gives us a large amount of strength and sometimes feels like a strict teacher and sometimes feels like a kind noona, Inro hyung who is always looking at only B1A4 and can’t even sleep well, Jungeun noona, Seulie noona, and all of the WM family, thank you so much and as much as you’ve done for us, we will show you a more improving side to ourselves.

Although I’m not able to contact them often, I’m very thankful to my family who always backs me up by silently only looking at me. Even though I haven’t been a good son or good younger brother, my heart isn’t like that. Although it’s something I always say, please understand since it’s only because I’m bad at expressing myself.

‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng’ hyungs, who went through a lot of trouble for this album, are the best! Yeah! Because hyungs are there, I gain strength. Lee Sangho composer and Park Kangil composer, who give us a good song every time, we will make the song shine on stage now. Thank you so much to ‘Good Person’ composer who really gave us a lot of help.

Thank you to Jungyoung head, Kkotnim noona, Jolie head, make-up heads, who always silently help in the back so that we can shine, Hong Wonki director who made the amazing music video, and other staff members as well. I will become a more shining person. Byungho teacher and Jiwoong teacher who made really cool choreography for us, we will show it really coolly on stage.

Finally, B1A4, as a hyung, I’m really proud and happy to see ourselves improving. Just like how I always say it, because we always shine more when all five of us are together, I believe that we’re going to fly high this time again as well. You guys went through a lot of trouble and just like how we have been, let’s enjoy this.

While preparing for the album, I had a lot of thoughts and pressure that we needed to show a more improved side to ourselves. However, I even enjoyed those many thoughts and pressures when working on the album and I feel relieved and happy because I think a good product came out. We plan to have a stronger flight this time around. Please watch us as we fly higher. Thank you.

Let’s fly B1A4. Also, our reassuring strength, BANA… I lo… lo… like you.

[TRANS] Sandeul – IGNITION ‘Thanks To’

Source : B1A4’s album
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator.

I’m really happy to be able to promote with a formal full-length album.

Our cool Lee Wonmin CEO who always thinks of us first. Because CEO is there, we always gain strength. Thank you.

Kim Chimmi chairman who leads us so we can always have correct thoughts. We will do well so there’s nothing that will trouble you. I’m fully motivated. Park Dongju head (of a department) and Inro hyung, who always takes care of us well no matter where we are just like  real older brothers. Fighting. Aja! Kim Eunkyung team leader who always cheers us on and listens to what we have to say just like a real older sister, Jungeun noona who is very pretty every time I see her, and Seulie noona, I’m so sad that we haven’t been able to meet often lately.

Father and mother! You’re monitoring me well through the computer, right? Noona, whenever we meet, we always point out the flaws in each other’s faces. Sorry. Let’s stop. Grandma, whom I miss. You need to be healthy. Happy birthday. Grandpa, grandma (on maternal side), I’ll make sure to visit you when I go to Busan. I miss you so much. Relatives who I love, thank you for all cheering me on.

‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng’ composers, as the student president and the representative of B1A4, thank you so much for the good songs. My hyungs are the best! When recording, Lee Sangho composer told me ‘do it how you feel like’, so I think I was able to really record with a comfortable heart. Thank you. Park Kangil composer, my heart moved so much because the song, ‘Crush’, was really good. Thank you.

Bling bling stylist, Jungyoung head and Kkotnim noona, all the things you said for us to become well are engraved into my head. Say more. I’ll shorten the amount of food I eat. Hehe. My hair always gives you trouble, right? Jolie head. Thank you for always giving me pretty hairstyles. And Ra Kyungjin head, who is in charge of my face. Thank you all.

And Byungho teacher and Jiwoong teacher, who always stayed up at night to create our cool choreography. Thank you all.

My ‘Liv high’ friends. Because I miss you, you guys even came out in my dream. When we meet, I’ll tell you what happened in my dream.

My everlasting mentor, Kyungmin teacher. I always have thoughts at night about how I sang with you and the rest of the kids. Your student will work hard.

My members. You guys worked hard to prepare for the album. Jinyoungie hyung! I can’t forget the touched feelings I got when I first listened to hyung’s song. Jinyoungie hyung, CNU hyung, Baro, Chan. I was happy because we really had fun preparing for this together. In the future, Jinyoungie hyung is going to surprise us more, Baro is going to make us have fun more, and CNU hyung is going to scold him if he acts up too much, and then Channie is going to sort things up afterwards. And I would probably be laughing as if I were watching TV. Hehe. This lifestyle is really fun and I like it. Everyone. Let’s all be strong. B1A4 daebak!

And our Banabanabana! It’s really been awhile, right? As expected, I’m bursting with strength because our Banas are here. We’ll become a B1A4 that works harder so everyone, listen to our music and enjoy it. I really sincerely thank you. I love you.

[TRANS] Jinyoung – IGNITION ‘Thanks To’

Source : B1A4’s album
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

Wow. We, B1A4, have finally released our 1st official full-length album. I think it was possible because of the many people that helped us.

First off, my mom, dad, and noona who give me happiness by just existing. I’m always thankful and I love you.

And Lee Wonmin CEO, who always goes through a lot of trouble because of us. You need to make sure to quit drinking and smoking.

Our Kim Jinmi chairman who understands me even if I don’t necessarily express myself. I’m always thankful and please believe us this time around. We will make sure to bring good news. You really went through a lot and I love you. Our charismatic Park Dongju head who is very considerate and warm. Thank you for always telling us good words. I will engrave them well. I love you. Kim Eunkyung team leader, who I can know just by looking at the look in your eyes, time is really fast. I’m confident because I believe that good results will come out for how much we put an effort in this. I love you. Inro hyung, who feels like a real older brother now. Although I can’t meet you often, Seulie noona and Jungeun noona who always uses strength for us, thank you and I love you.

And ‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng’ hyungs who gave us this good song, because of hyungs, I learned a lot this time around. Thank you. Thank you Lee Sangho composer and Park Kangil composer. I’m thankful because ‘Good Person (좋은놈)’ Hyungnim gave us a lot of help. Also Jungyoung head, Jolie head, and Ra Kyungjin head, who fix us up coolly, thank you all. Although I couldn’t write everyone down here, thank you to all the staff members who gave us a lot of help in allowing us to come up to here.

And our BANAs, who always stay by B1A4’s side, I’m really thankful and I love you. Just the existence of BANA gives us strength. I love you, our BANA.

And lastly, my members who I love. You know I feel really reassured because there’s you guys who always believe and follow in the lacking me? To B1A4, the 1st official album may be a bit unfamiliar and a handful. But the goal that we’ve been looking towards is one thing and since we prepared really well, let’s go towards it amazingly. I’m always thankful and I love you. You guys are really the best. Hwaiting!

[TRANS] 120321 Jinyoung’s Cafe Update : Our Our Our BANA.

Source : B1A4’s Fancafe
English Trans : Hyejin @B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator.

Our our our BANA

It’s been a long time, right?

I’m nervous trying to write a post like this after a long time ㅠㅠ

It’s like writing a love letter ㅠㅠ

Is everyone nervous as well~!

If I were to summarize what has been happening

I think we received many things while preparing for our first official album.

Truthfully, the full length album came out because we talked to the company and the mini album turned into a full length album.

So it’s true that we were more burdened while preparing but

all of the members enjoyed working on it, so I have no regrets~ (But… were you guys taken aback because B1A4 suddenly came back as men?)

We talked a lot among the members, even if we always have been doing that, and it was possible to listen more about everyone’s musical thoughts.

If I were to talk about an episode that happened during creating the album

After finishing the melody for ‘BABY I’M SORRY’, the first I let listen to it was Sandeul.

There wasn’t a specific reason, but Sandeul just happened to be next to me ㅋㅋ

But after listening to the song, Sandeul wanted to make a guide so we went to

the studio that night and was recording till dawn and in the end, Sandeul called Baro too and we recorded till 8 AM of the next day~

We used Twitter that day too~

But I was nervous and worried what kind of comments we would receive, because the album already came out and we’re letting many people listen to it. Since we’re monitoring a lot of the things people are saying, please write us a lot of things whether they are bitter words or good words~!

Also, there’s one more thing I felt largely while preparing for this album

it’s, it’s, our BANA!

You don’t know how much strength it gives us when you always support us through letters, cafe cheering posts, and Twitter.

Also, I think we gain strength even if we don’t have it whenever you always scream ‘B1A4’ in your loudest voices at music program scenes.

I’m always very, very, very, very, very thankful.

There’s no one else to B1A4 except for BANAs.

One more thing since the subject of BANAs came out!

When our Baro was making the rap for the song, ‘Super Sonic’, he was confessing to BANAs, but did you hear it?

He shyly expressed it by saying, ‘I fell for you, fell for you (T/N: Banhan banhan geojyo)’ but everyone knows it’s really ‘I fell for BANAs (T/N: BANA banhan geojyo and the previous statement sound alike when pronounced)’?

They’re lyrics that Baro wrote down, saying that he really wanted to put it in so I hope you like it~

Because we fell in love at first sight ㅋㅋ

Ah, fingers are curling ㅋㅋ (T/N: sappy)

Anyways, although it’s something I always say, let’s go forward together while believing and depending on each other.

BANA, I love you. You are my girl~