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[PIC/SCAN] MYOJO Japanese Magazine Vol.12 [11P] – from 121023

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[SCAN] 120123 Flower boys B1A4 on Junon Magazine

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[SCAN]120102 FUN Magazine Japan

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[VIDEO] Vouge Girl Magazine 2012.01 : B1A4 Making & Interview

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[SCAN] 111220 B1A4 for “FUN” Japan Magazine

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[INTERVIEW] [11.12.19] Vogue Girl Korea – January Edition

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1. Three things that are most important to you in your life.

2. Something that makes you happy when you hear it.

3. If you were to express your feelings right now.

4. Something you cannot resist buying.

5. A girl who will make you fall head over heels.

6. Three things that you wish from your girlfriend.

7. The song you enjoy best amongst your recent music list.

8. Reveal a secret about yourself that you have never said before.

9. Three people you respect the most.

10. Your life’s motto.


1. Music, family, and my new family B1A4.

2. You’re really working hard.

3. It’s urgent. I feel like I have to hurry do something immediately.

4. Music-related equipments.

5. When I can feel her feminity in any situation and any place

. 6. To love only me, not to lie, and be honest with me.

7. The Black Eyed Peas’ “Love you Long Time”. Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Lift Off”. Wiz Khalita’s “Roll Up”.

8. If you look carefully you’ll be able to see it, but my pinky finger is bent.

9. My parents, ???? and Admiral Lee Sunshin.

10. To be a down-to-earth person anytime anywhere.


1. Memories, family and music.

2. You can be a gagman.

3. Excited. I’ll be spending this Christmas with many people.

4. Clothes. Shoes. Glasses.

5. A wise girl with a wide mind. A girl like my mother.

6. To be good to only me, not be picky with food and eat well, and cook delicious food for me.

7. Usher’s “Simple Things”. Stevie Wonder’s “Moon Blue”. Drake’s “Take Care”.

8. Even though I never showed it all bfore, I don’t really have much hair on my body.

9. Michael Jackson, Usher and governor Ban Ki Moon.

10. Not to let issues get the better of him. [T/N: The direct translation is to not let anything be the rationalizing factor to his mind.]


1. Family, B1A4 and my family again.

2. “I’ll buy you something delicious! I’ll buy you food!”

3. Excitement and anticipation. I’m anticipating what cool future will unfold for me, and excitement is for sure.

4. Wood glasses.

5. A faithful girl who does her best in her work.

6. Not to stay out late (since I will worry), make lunchboxes for me, and be touched by events done by the clumsy me.

7. Kim Dongryul’s “An Old Song”. The Ray’s “Sounds of the Heart”. Brian McKnight’s “6, 8, 12”.

8. I have never told anyone about my physical complex. I have flat feet.

9. Kim Yeonwoo, my parents and Eric Benet.

10. Let’s not regret.


1. Family, music and sleep.

2. Someone once said, “It’s my treat!”

3. Confusion. We ordered food before the photoshoot but I was full after eating one banana. I’m worried. We ordered delicious fod…

4. I really like shoes and hats. I can’t say exactly why, but I feel like those belong to me.

5. A girl whose teeth look nice when she smiles.

6. To kiss me when we go our separate ways, to do 100m sprints (and achieve a record of 15 seconds for running 100m holding hands), do more aegyo and be cuter in text messages

7. Yang Donggun’s “Shoulders”. The Notorious B.I.G’s “Big Poppa”. Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”.

8. My leg hair grows really quickly.

9. Steve Jobs, my parents, and King Sejong.

10. No matter what it is, let’s do our best.


1. Family, food and the people who have come close to me in the 19 years of my life.

2. If you work just a little harder, your dreams will come true.

3. When there is something or nothing, I am working hard. But what should I do first, and what results will I end up with, I don’t know.

4. An item that will look nice with/on the girl I like.

5. A girl who usually looks like she’s very picky, cold and awkward, but does a lot of aegyo to me.

6. Thinking of me 100 times a day, having a couple photograph in her wallet, and using motions and terms that only we know.

7. Jo Kyuchan’s “I’ll Give You Everything”. Noel’s “I Miss You”. Sung Sikyung’s “You Are So…”.

8. (The fans) have never seen us using our satoori unknowningly, but the satoori of eight provinces all come out in the dormitory.

9. My grandparents, parents and Shin Seunghun.

10. Never to forget my original resolutions.

[HQ/SCAN] B1A4 on Vouge Girl Magazine – January 2012 Issue [7P]

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