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[INFO] The 3rd Mini Album ‘IN THE WIND’ Track List + Album Info

Track List :

1. In The Wind
– Composer: Jinyoung, 좋은놈

2. 걸어 본다
– Composer: Jinyoung
– Lyricist: Jinyoung, Baro

3. IF… 너만있으면
– If… I Had you
– Composer: 우리형과내동생, Ichiro Suezawa
– Lyricist: 우리형과내동생, Baro

4. 나쁜 짓 안 할게요 (NARR. Suzy of Miss A)
– Composer: 우리형과내동생
– Lyricist: 우리형과내동생

5. 뭐 핼래요
– Composer: Jinyoung
– Lyricist: Jinyoung, Baro

6. Be My Girl (FEAT. Jea of Brown Eyed Girls)
– Composer: Jea, Lee Kyuhyun
– Lyricist: Jea, Lee Kyuhyun

7. In The Air

8. 걸어 본다 (INST.)
– Composer: Jinyoung

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[TRANS/INTERVIEW] 120314 Baby I’m Sorry MV Behind Story

Behind the scene

Music Video Filming Story

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[INFO] 120302 – B1A4’s 1st Official Full Album’s Track “This Time Is Over”

Source : B1A4’s Official Homepage
English Trans : Hyejin @ B1A4trans | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator.

Hello. This is WM Entertainment.

One of the tracks, “This Time Is Over”, from B1A4’s official full length album which is dropping on March 14th, will be revealed before the album. It will be released through online music sites on March 5th at 0:00 AM.

We ask that you look forward to all the tracks on B1A4’s first full length album and we ask for a lot of interest and love towards the B1A4 members who worked hard, day and night, to show a good sides of themsleves towards fans.

We plan to update additional information about the album later on so please check the official notice later.

Thank you.

[TRANS][NEWS] 120229 B1A4’s Album Spoiler; Baro-Miss A’s Min caught in the recording studio together

 Source: Newsen | Eng Translations: skipfire @ | Indo Translations and Reposted by bluenoire (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

B1A4 앨범 스포, 바로-미쓰에이 민 녹음실 다정모습 포착

B1A4 바로가 한 여성과 녹음실에서 다정하게 있는 모습이 포착됐다.

3월 컴백을 예고하며 새로운 앨범 작업에 한창인 B1A4(비원에이포)의 녹음 현장 사진이 2월28일 공개됐다.

이날 한 온라인 커뮤니티에는 ‘비원에이포 앨범 스포’라는 제목으로 두 장의 사진이 올라왔다. 공개된 사진에서 B1A4 멤버 바로는 한 여성과 다정하게 마주보며 웃고 있다.

B1A4 소속사 WM엔터테인먼트 측은 “사진 속 여성은 미쓰에이 민이다”고 사진 속 여성의 정체에 대해 밝혔으나 민의 앨범 참여 여부에 대해서는 “아직 공개할 단계가 아니다”며 말을 아꼈다.

한편 B1A4는 3월 컴백을 목표로 앨범 후반 작업 중이다

A capture of B1A4’s Baro looking affectionate with a certain female in the recording studio has been revealed.

The picture from the recording studio was revealed on 28 February, in anticipating for B1A4’s comeback with their new album in March.

Two pictures were revealed on a certain online community with the title ‘B1A4 album spoiler’. In the pictures, B1A4’s member Baro is seen smiling and looking affectionate with a female.

B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment revealed the identity of the female in the picture to be Miss A’s Min, and when asked if she is involved in the album, they said that “it’s currently not at a stage where it can be revealed”.

In related news, B1A4 is aiming for a March comeback with their album production in the second half.

indo trans :

Sebuah foto dari B1A4 Baro yang sedang terlihat intim dengan seorang wanita di studio rekaman telah dipublikasikan.

Gambar dari studio rekaman itu dipublikasikan pada tanggal 28 Februari, guna meningkatkan antisipasi para penggemar untuk album mereka yang akan dirilis pada bulan Maret.

Dua buah foto telah ditunjukkan di sebuah situs jejaring sosial dengan judul ‘B1A4 album spoiler’. Dalam foto-foto tsb. member B1A4 Baro terlihat tersenyum dan terlihat intim dengan seorang wanita.

Agensi B1A4, WM Entertainment mengungkapkan bahwa identitas dari wanita itu ialah member Miss A, Min, dan ketika ditanya apakah ia terlibat dalam pembuatan album, WM Ent. mengatakan bahwa ‘”Saat ini bukan situasi yang tepat untuk mengungkapkannya”.

Dalam berita terkait, B1A4 menargetkan untuk comeback bulan Maret dengan album mereka di pertengahan kedua tahun ini.

[INFO] WM Entertainment statement regarding B1A4’s comeback.

Original message: | Source: B1A4’s Daum Cafe | Translations: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM | Reposted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator

“This is B1A4’s fanclub manager.
Nothing has been confirmed about B1A4’s next album promotions.
You will be informed about their comeback date and their next album promotion through our notice board.

In addition,
due to the rumors of B1A4’s comeback we have been receiving numerous calls, asking about their comeback schedules which affects the company’s work.
For the efficiency of our company, please try to avoid calling us because of their comeback schedules, instead please use the question/answer section. ^^”

[NEWS] 120113 B1A4’s CNU; “f(x)’s Krystal is my ideal type!”

Source : The Star Chosun
English Trans : FLIGHTB1A4 | Re-posted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and translator.

B1A4’s CNU made a brave confession saying that his ideal type is Krystal.

On the 14th January episode of MBC Every1’s Weekly Idols, B1A4 made their appearance on the New Year special “Rookies who will make it big in 2012”, and shared their stories without holding back.

On this day, B1A4 member CNU revealed that he is a fan of f(x)’s Krystal, and expressed that “it’ll be nice if we could have a meal together, since I’m a huge fan of hers”. His brave revelation caused the other members to panic.

After that, the other members revealed their ideal types – Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Yoona, and Miss A’s Suzy, showing a fresh side to them as rookies.

B1A4 also showed their hidden talents in dancing and visual in the corner ‘Termination of Idols’ Individual Parts’, receiving high praise from MC Jung Hyungdon.

This episode of MBC Every1 Weekly Idols will air on 14th January at 2PM.

Sorry, I’m lazy to translate it into Bahasa :p.

[INFO] WM Store Update : B1A4 Official Calendar.

Source : WM Store
Reupload and Posted by JY (
Take out with full credits to the source and reuploader.

Price : 12,000 KRW