[STAFF DIARY] 111219 B1A4 Japan Staff Diary Update : B1A4 before Japan Showcase!

Source : B1A4 Japan Homepage
Trans and posted by JY (b1a4forindonesia.wordpress.com)
Take out with full credits to the source and translator.

Rough translation

Thanks to everyone, and fans for rooting B1A4 than usual.
“JAPAN SHOWCASE LIVE 2011” has ended with a great success.
Sincerely, I would like to thank to everyone who have come to the showcase

So, this is just a little bit of how the members in Japan will be introduced!

■ Dec, 8 (Thursday)
Careful last rehearsal at Sun Live!
Members without any compromise was practice really hard even though they practice until late at night.

■ Dec, 9 (Friday)
Twice a day-night performances at 14:00 / 19:00!
The surprise after the show was running his own trading cards to members for free, very hard schedule.
However, Members enjoyed and always full of smiling eyes ♪

■ Dec, 10 (Sat)
Full day off! Shopping in Shibuya and Odaiba.
Incidentally, Baro request to ate Sushi for dinner.
10 plate is more than one light and healthy eating Temashita ♪

■ Dec, 11 (Sun)
On this day, all day for shooting and interviews!
Because detailed information will be posted up later,
Pattern of the day was come, please check the magazine!

Well, B1A4 into the New Year and landed on “Osaka” ! Everyone’s a fan of Kansai!
January 11  I would appreciate if you coming to cheer us on “Golden Disk Award”

In the summer and early 2012 to determine the long-awaited debut in Japan! ! !
So, I will look forward to cheering B1A4! ! !

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